Discovering Ribozymes
Cech describes discovering how RNA catalyzes chemical bond formation, work that led to the1989 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
Tom Cech's Talk

Serendipity and SNURPs
Steitz explains how serendipity facilitated her lab's discovery of SNURPS, small nuclear ribonucleoproteins involved in splicing pre-messenger RNA.

Joan Steitz's Talk

Molecular Motor Discovery
Vale describes the twists, turns and surprises that led to the discovery of the molecular motor kinesin.
Ron Vale's Talk

Unfolding the UPR
Walter tells the story of how his lab uncovered the pathway by which the ER and nucleus talk to one another through the “unfolded protein response”.
Peter Walter's Talk

Memorable Moments

When Stockholm Called
Horvitz describes the efforts to track him down on vacation to bring him the good news that he had won the Nobel Prize.
H. Robert Horvitzs' Talk

Visions for Biology

Biology by Numbers
Phillips makes the argument that biologists who understand mathematical principles have another tool with which to address biological problems.
Rob Phillips' Talk

Advice and Careers

Learning from Failure
Alberts discusses how to turn set backs into success.

Bruce Albert's Talk

How I Became a Scientist
Varmus narrates how an English major ended up leading the NIH.

Harold Varmus' Talk

Taking Risks
Yamamoto explains how high risk experiments can pay off.

Keith Yamamoto's Talk

Careers in Biotech
Is a career in BioTech right for you?

Tessier-Lavigne’s Talk

UCSF Students