Science and Society

Rebuilding African Universities
Debas describes the sad state of African universities and how they got that way and he proposes a plan to revitalize science education in Africa.
Haile Debas' Talk

Science at the White House
Dan Fletcher describes his year as a participant in the White House Fellows Program.

Daniel Fletcher's Talk

Stem Cell Politics
Morrison explains how he and his colleagues convinced Michigan voters to pass Proposal 2 and protect stem cell research in the state.
Sean Morrison's Talk

Advice to Young Scientists

Getting the Post Doc Training You Need
Advice on mentoring and being mentored.
Sandra Schmid's Talk


A Genetic Control Circuit for Aging
By looking for C. elegans mutants, Dr. Kenyon identified a gene that allows worms to live twice as long as normal.
Cynthia Kenyon's Talk

Developing PALM Microscopy
PALM microscopy is the result of a close friendship between two smart a nd creative minds.
Betzig and Hess' Talk

Advice and Careers

The Benefits of Peer Support
Daniell describes the support she received throughout her career from a group of fellow female scientists.

Ellen Daniell's Talk

Creating PhDComics
Jorge Cham describes how he came to create PhDComics, the comic strip about graduate student life.

Jorge Cham's Talk

The Importance of Giving a Good Talk
McConnell outlines the many reasons for learning to give a good scientific talk.

Susan McConnell's Talk