Breakthroughs in Genetics

The Birth of Gene Targeting
Dr. Capecchi narrates the breakthroughs and the setbacks in the journey to successful gene targeting in a mouse.
Mario Capecchi's Talk

Discovering Programmed Cell Death
How studies in worms proved relevant to human health.

H. Robert Horvitz' Talk

Finding Genes that Control Development
Vale describes the twists, turns and surprises that led to the discovery of the molecular motor kinesin.
Eric Wieschaus' Talk

Science and Society

Life Sciences in Chile
Dr.Valenzuela discusses his vision for scientific research in Chile.
Pablo Valenzuela's Talk


Encouraging Scientific Curiosity
Hatfull argues that the single most important criteria for a successful career as a research scientist is curiosity.
Graham Hatfull's Talk

Advice and Careers

Science Writing
Tachibana provides sound advice on becoming a freelance science writer or editor.

Chris Tachibana's Talk

How I Became a Scientist
How an aspiring novelist became an inspiring biologist.

Yixian Zheng's Talk

Visions for Biology

Changing the Way We Publish
Why the scientific community should embrace open access publishing.

Harold Varmus' Talk