Developing GFP as a Biological Marker
Chalfie describes the discoveries that led to the broad application of GFP as a marker for protein expression and localization.
Martin Chalfie's Talk

Drug Development
Desmond-Hellmann discusses the steps in drug development.

Susan Desmond-Hellmann's Talk

Science and Society

Recombinant DNA and Science Policy
How scientists drove the development of guidelines for recombinant DNA technology.
Paul Berg's Talk Part 1

Contemporary Science Policy Issues
Berg explains why it has proven difficult to develop guidelines for issues like GMOs and embryonic stem cells.
Paul Berg's Talk Part 2

High tech and low tech: A Balance.
Dwindling natural resources will require scientists to find creative solutions; both high tech and low tech.
Kai Simons' Talk

Encouraging Scientists to Improve Wikipedia
A discussion of why scientists and science students should edit and write for Wikipedia.
Frank Schulenburg's Talk

Advice for Young Scientists

Returning to Tanzania
Creativity allows Njelekela to do important research in Tanzania

Marina Njelekela's Talk


Following Your Dream
Barry describes his career trajectory from bioengineer to astronaut.

Daniel Barry's Talk

Science Museum Curator
Frazier tells us why she loves her job at a science museum.

Jennifer Frazier's Talk


An Integrated Science Curriculum
An introductory, undergraduate curriculum integrates physical, computational and biological sciences.

David Botstein's Talk