Focus on Cytoskeleton

The Discovery of Tubulin
Recalling the events that lead to the discovery of tubulin.
Borisy and Taylor's Talk

How Muscle Contracts
The discovery of the sliding filament model of muscle contraction.
Hugh Huxley's Talk

The Dynamic Mitotic Spindle
The first demonstration of mitotic spindle dynamics in living cells.
Shinya Inoue's Talk

Science and Society

Evolution-Why it Matters
Evolution is a tool to explain modern biology.

Kenneth Miller's Talk

Defending Evolution
What do you say when someone tells you they don’t believe in evolution?

Kenneth Miller's Talk

The Right to Teach Evolution
Students and teachers should be protected from political influence on curriculum content.

Eugenie Scott's Talk


Baseball Meets Biology
What do baseball statistics and computational biology have in common?
Fraser and Eisen's Talk


Women’s Health in Tanzania
MEWATA works to improve access to quality health care for women across Tanzania.
Marina Njelekela's Talk


The Practice of Mentoring
Handelsman provides guidelines for better mentoring.

Jo Handelsman's Talk

Why I Do Science
A group of graduate students and post-docs tell us why science is inspiring.

MBL Participants' Talk

Creativity in Science
What makes a good idea?

Jeremy Nathans' Talk