Chemical Biology & Biophysics

Speaker Name Affiliation Seminar Title Date Taped Parts/Total Run Time
Bonnie Bassler Bonnie Bassler Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Princeton University Cell-Cell Communication in Bacteria 06/2008 2 parts / 01:13:37
Carolyn Bertozzi Carolyn Bertozzi University of California, Berkeley Chemical Glycobiology 06/2009 2 parts / 01:04:45
Stephen C Harrison Harvard Medical School, Children’s Hospital Boston and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Virus structures 7/2011 3part / 01:13:01
Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz Program of Cell Biology and Metabolism, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland Breakthroughs in Intracellular Fluorescent Imaging 10/2009 3 parts / 01:29:67
Stephen L Mayo Stephen L Mayo California Institute of Technology Recent Advances in Computational Protein Design: Design and Testing of Protein Combinatorial Libraries 01/2008 2 parts / 01:04:59
Jack Szostak Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts’ General Hospital and Howard Hughes Medical Institute The Origin of Life on Earth 07/2011 3 parts / 01:48:34
Chaitan Khosla Chaitan Khosla Stanford University/Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Polyketide Biosynthesis: The Erythromycin Example 05/2007 3 parts / 01:39:05
Baldomero 'Toto' Olivera Baldomero 'Toto' Olivera Department of Biology, University of Utah Conus Peptides 05/2006 3 parts / 01:10:07
Xiaowei Zhuang Xiaowei Zhuang HHMI/Harvard University Fluorescence Imaging at Nanoscale 07/2012 2 part / 01:18:18