Biological Mechanisms

Speaker Name Affiliation Seminar Title Date Taped Parts/Total Run Time
Carlos Bustamante Carlos Bustamante University of California, Berkeley and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Single Molecule Manipulation in Biochemistry 09/2010 1 part / 00:25:20
Jim Haber Jim Haber Department of Biology and Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center, Brandeis University Mechanisms of DNA Repair by Recombination
12/2009 2 parts / 01:36:28
Ari Helenius Ari Helenius Insitute of Biochemistry, ETH Zurich, Switzerland Cell Biology of Virus Entry 02/2009 3 parts / 01:40:55
Anthony Hyman Anthony Hyman Max Plank Institute of Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden Organization of Cytoplasm 01/2011 4 parts / 01:40:55
Sharon Long Sharon Long Stanford University Cooperation between bacteria and plants for protein nutrition 06/2009 1 parts / 00:19:03
Richard Losick Richard Losick Harvard University Developmental Biology of a Simple Organism 04/2008 3 parts / 01:12:13
Satyajit 'Jitu' Mayor Satyajit 'Jitu' Mayor Cellular Organisation and Signalling, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India Membrane Rafts 05/2007 3 parts / 01:40:13
Dick McIntosh Dick McIntosh Department: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, University of Colorado Boulder Separating Duplicated Chromosomes in Preparation for Cell Division 12/2008 3 parts / 01:09:60
Tim Mitchison Harvard Medical School Self-organization in biology 7/2011 2part / 01:07:49
Melissa Moore University of Massachusetts Medical School and Howard Hughes Medical Institute RNA Processing 07/2011 2 parts / 01:14:09
David O. Morgan David O. Morgan Departments of Physiology and Biochemistry & Biophysics at the University of California, San Francisco Controlling the Cell Cycle 07/2009 3 parts / 01:19:58
Andrew Murray Harvard University Yeast Sex Harvard University 2part / 01:18:59
Martin Raff Martin Raff MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology Growth Control in Animal Development 11/2006 2 parts / 01:18:09
Roy Parker Roy Parker University of Arizona and Howard Hughes Medical Institute The Life of Eukaryotic mRNA
10/7/2010 2 parts /
Randy Schekman Randy Schekman Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, HHMI, University of California, Berkeley Protein Secretion and Vesicle Traffic 03/2007 3 parts / 01:34:17
Susan Taylor Susan Taylor University of California, San Diego and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Protein Kinases; Structure, Function, and Regulation 10/2009 3 parts / 01:18:36
Robert Tjian University of California, Berkeley and Howard Hughes Medical Institute The molecular biology of gene regulation 11/2011 2part /
Julie Theriot Julie Theriot Stanford University, Dept of Biochemistry, Dept of Microbiology & Immunology, Program in Biophysics Cell Organization & Cell Motility 05/2006 3 parts / 01:59:26
Ron Vale Ron Vale HHMI /Dept of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology, University of California, San Francisco Cytoskeletal Motor Proteins 07/2007 3 parts / 01:42:14
Susan Wessler University of California, Riverside The dynamic genome 09/2011 2part / 01:53:14