Cell Biology & Medicine

Speaker Name Affiliation Seminar Title Date Taped Parts/Total Run Time
Mina Bissell Mina Bissell Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and University of California Berkeley Extracellular matrix and tissue specificity 09/2011 1 part / 00:49:47
J. Michael Bishop J. Michael Bishop University of California, San Francisco Cancer: The rise of the genetic paradigm 06/2011 3 part / 01:40:03
Sangeeta Bhatia Sangeeta Bhatia Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Tissue Engineering 05/2011 2 parts / 01:09:01
David Botstein David Botstein Princeton University Fruits of the Genome Sequence 04/2011 2 parts / 01:38:11
Alfred Wittinghofer Alfred Wittinghofer Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Physiology, Dortmund, Germany GTP-binding Proteins as Molecular Switches 02/2011 2 parts / 01:36:56
Graham Hatfull Graham Hatfull University of Pittsburgh and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Bacteriophages: Genes and Genomes 09/2010 3 parts / 01:30:36
Robert Lefkowitz Robert Lefkowitz Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Duke University Medical Center Seven Transmembrane Receptors 05/2009 2 parts / 01:06:55
Susan Lindquist Susan Lindquist Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research The Surprising World of Prion Biology-A New Mechanism of Inheritance 11/2008 2 parts / 01:12:11
Ira Mellman Ira Mellman Genentech Cell Biology of the Immune Response 09/2008 2 parts / 01:32:05
Elizabeth Blackburn Elizabeth Blackburn Univ of California, San Francisco/Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics Telomeres and Telomerase: Their Implications in Human Health and Disease 06/2008 3 parts / 02:00:43
Mary Beckerle Mary Beckerle Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah Adhesion, Signaling and Cancer 07/2007 3 parts / 01:57:15
Xiaodong Wang Xiaodong Wang Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Dept of Biochemistry, UT-Southwestern Medical Center Apoptosis 06/2007 3 parts / 01:17:13
Cynthia Kenyon Cynthia Kenyon Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of California, San Francisco Genes and Cells that Determine the Lifespan of C. elegans 05/2007 2 parts / 01:20:02
Brian Druker Brian Druker HHMI / Oregon Health & Science University Cancer Institute Imatinib (Gleevec) as a Paradigm of Targeted Cancer Therapies 03/2007 3 parts / 01:21:15
Elaine Fuchs Elaine Fuchs Rockefeller University Stem Cells: Biology and Promise for Regenerative Medicine 01/2007 2 parts / 01:52:14