Developmental Biology & Evolution

Speaker Name Affiliation Seminar Title Date Taped Parts/Total Run Time
Scott Edwards Harvard University Genetic variation and phylogeography 07/2011 3part / 01:19:58
Dianne Newman Dianne Newman California Institute of Technology and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Microbial Diversity and Evolution 05/2010 3 parts / 02:14:37
Ruth Lehmann Ruth Lehmann New York University School of Medicine Germ Cell Development 07/2009 4 parts / 02:07:03
Harmit Malik Harmit Malik HHMI/Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center Molecular arms races between primate and viral genomes 03/2012 2 parts / 00:55:35
Michael Levine Michael Levine University of California, Berkeley Transcriptional Precision in the Drosophila Embryo 01/2012 4 parts / 01:04:18
Trudi Schupbach Trudi Schupbach Princeton University and a Howard Hughes Investigator Control of Embryonic Axis Formation in Drosophila 02/2009 3 parts / 01:11:52
Eric Wieschaus Eric Wieschaus HHMI & Molecular Biology Department, Princeton University Patterning Development in the Early Embryo 02/2009 3 parts / 01:26:65
Sydney Brenner Sydney Brenner Salk Institute for Biological Studies What Genomes Can Tell Us About the Past 04/2008 2 parts / 01:21:42
Nicole Le Douarin Nicole Le Douarin CNRS and Collège de France, Paris Role of the Neural Crest in Vertebrate Development and Evolution 03/2008 3 parts / 01:30:59
Marc W Kirschner Marc W Kirschner Harvard Medical School/Systems Biology The Origin of Vertebrates 01/2008 3 parts / 01:20:25
Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado HHMI, Dept. of Neurobiology & Anatomy, University of Utah School of Medicine The Problem of Regeneration 01/2007 3 parts / 01:48:41