New Seminars

Speaker Name Affiliation Seminar Title Date Taped Parts/Total Run Time
Mina Bissell Mina Bissell Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and University of California Berkeley Extracellular matrix and tissue specificity 09/2011 1 part / 00:49:47
Xiaowei Zhuang Xiaowei Zhuang HHMI/Harvard University Fluorescence Imaging at Nanoscale 07/2012 2 part / 01:18:18
Harmit Malik Harmit Malik HHMI/Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center Molecular arms races between primate and viral genomes 03/2012 2 parts / 00:55:35
Erich Jarvis Erich Jarvis HHMI/Duke University Medical Center Brain Pathways for Vocal Learning 04/2012 3 parts / 00:53:13
Michael Levine Michael Levine University of California, Berkeley Transcriptional Precision in the Drosophila Embryo 01/2012 4 parts / 01:04:18